Discover the Craftsmanship

A love for wood and circular economy made me wander through Indonesia,  curiosity made me stop. Trying to get to the world heritage site of Borobudur, I literally stumbled upon Iyos and his workshop.   We got along, shared the same vision. After spending two weeks in his workshop in Yogyakarta, a partnership was born : YOGYA. Referring to the old Indian language where ‘Yogya’ means ‘well suited’.  

Coming across Iyos in Yogyakarta was a jackpot! Astonished by the craftsmanship,  bewildered by the result, only one thought occurred to me : this I must learn. A true legend, his fine touch visible in every single Yogya piece.

The vision of YOGYA is to enable a sustainable lifestyle for all of us, by reincarnating old materials. All sunglasses are made of carefully sourced tropical hardwood from old houses and furniture.

A touch of hand is what it takes to create the YOGYA collection. Moreover, all is kept in-house! From design through production, quality control, and shipping.  We keep our hand on all different steps in the process. Check out the craftsmanship here.